HO Bachmann 2-truck CLIMAX Upgrade Bevel Gears

HO Bachmann 2-truck CLIMAX Upgrade Bevel Gears
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  • Item #: 2802-6

Set of six (6) steel replacement gears that directly replace the factory plastic bevel gears on the Bachmann CLIMAX locomotive. Installation required; includes instructions.

The gearing on this model is complicated as far as model railroad gearing is concerned; even though the heart of the project is replacing the six factory plastic bevel gears with the six included steel bevels gears, getting a drive train like this one to operate smoothly can be challenging. Employing the services of an installation professional is highly recommended.

Sorry to say, these will not fit the On30 version. They used a different size on all the geared engines, so we have to make one for each engine. We're currently not sure if we'll do the On30 Climax or not.

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Price $34.95