The Riveter+

The Riveter+
  • Item #: 51-4

This attachment turns the SENSIPRESS+ into a precision alignment and spacing rivet embosser, working as a calibrated advancing table (not a milling table). The advancing knob is calibrated in .001" increments of movement providing you with extremely accurate spacing capability. A full turn (50 divisions) advances the table .050". Punch and Die sets available from .010" (produces an HO scale 1" rivet) to .060" (can be spaced as little as 150% of rivet diameter). An .015" punch and die set is included with THE RIVETER. Works great on light brass, aluminum and styrene sheet .015" and thinner. Note that THE RIVETER is not a milling table. Comes completely assembled and ready to install on the base of THE SENSIPRESS+ tool. Work table: 3" x 7" Travel length: 5" weight: 1 lb– 4 oz.

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Price $119.95