The Quarterer II (S, OO, HO, HOn3) all metal

The Quarterer II (S, OO, HO, HOn3) all metal
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  • Item #: 64-4

Rugged, precision machined all-metal tool for the professional model craftsman demanding long life accuracy and consistant repetitive performance. Offers precision in quartering model railroad steam locomotive drivers up to 1-1/2in (39mm) diameter (120in in HO scale, 90in in S scale, 65in in O scale). Minimum crank throw (distance from axle center to crankpin center) is 0.150in (3.81mm).

The differences between this unit and our economical 44-4 quarter are many. The brass axle carriers are available in many different sizes to accomodate many different axles. (3.0mm and 0.125" are included, as shown.) Also, these thin brass carriers allow for bearings and other items to be present on the axle when the axle is quartered and then pressed together. More, it handles virtually all scales and gauges, whereas the 44-4 was designed primarily for HO standard gauge.

Lifetime warranty. Accessories available to expand its capabilities.

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Price $140.95