The Aligner for 2.0mm shafts/axles

The Aligner for 2.0mm shafts/axles
  • Item #: 31-4

A gear truing tool designed to help check and minimize the gear wobble which often occurs when installing gears on axles and shafts. Such wobble causes binding, noise and early failure in gear boxes as the gear 'moves' laterally back and forth during its rotation. It seems that no matter how careful one is when assembling gears or wheels to an axle or shaft, not infrequently the parts may not be perpendicular. While this tool can usually 'save' you in such occurrence, you are still cautioned to use all reasonable care to attain perpendicularity in the first place, using this tool finally to assure exact perpendicularity when you have completed your usual assembly procedure. Use to hold shaft/axle square while pressing into the gear/wheel/etc. Fits: 2.0mm shafts/axles (recent HO HOn3 cars, locos). 1in dia x .5in deep (2 pieces - A and B sides) wt: .38 oz per set.

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